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The Patriot Edge Clippers with its double radius cutting edge technology is far superior than any of the others on the market today. I have owned a pair of these for 3 years and like any good tool I will guard it for life. They work just as well today as when they were new. I have had no telling how many other clippers but none have ever worked as well as these.
No, I won’t share them or abuse them. If I let some one else use them, they might try to cut wire with them.
Hell No, these are my clippers so keep your grubby hands off. I must warn you I have a Smith @ Wesson 38 special.
It also is a good tool.
————————————————Feb 1, 2014: 1 of Patriot Edge Professional Nail Clipper received
Thankyou so much for your order. If you have a minute, please look over the following questions and see if any apply. We’ll get these in the mail tomorrow.
…questions available on our web site…
4. Will you be trimming children’s nails (many parents do)?
Thanks for asking. Yes to #4.
I wish I had thought of it sooner. If you’re cutting children’s nails exclusively, you probably don’t need such a large opening between the jaws. But try them out and if you’d like the distance between the jaws significantly reduced (you can almost get a whole fingertip in there) I’ve made special replacement pins just for those lil folks. No charge to you.
——————————————————————————-Feb 19, 2014
I’ve tried them a few times. First on me, and then on my son, and each time the clippers seem to be compressing the nail – not cutting them. Same result no matter if I cut from the end of the handle and or the middle.
I am planning to return them, but figured I’d like you know first in the event this issue is something you’ve heard of before and have a solution. Sorry they didn’t work out…
——————————————————————————-Feb 19, 2014
I’m also at a loss to explain it. Its possible you may need a high pressure lever if you apply pressure sufficient to get metal to touch metal. If you’d like to try that, I’ll send you one. But I’ve learned that nails can be as diverse as personalities. If you’d prefer to just return them my return address should have been included with the clippers. I’ll include it below for convenience. Thank you for giving them a try. Please let me know when you drop them in the mail. You will receive a full refund. Even if you try the high pressure lever and they remain unsatisfactory, you will still receive a full refund.
——————————————————————————-Mar 2, 2014
Where are we? Can we make them better for you? What do you need?
——————————————————————————-Mar 4, 2014
Hi Willie,
I keep forgetting to send them back to you! I’ll do it this week, and yes, would like to see if you can tweak them to make them work. Right now, the handles will literally meet but not punch through the nail. I am guessing we do need that high pressure lever you mentioned, but I’ll certainly rely on your evaluation once you see them.
Sorry for my delay and thank you again for standing behind your product!
——————————————————————————-Mar 4, 2014
Danial, dont send them. I’ll send you a high pressure lever that you can swap out. No charge. But one more question. Does your nail fit comfortably between the jaws? Ideally the nail would fit , not snug, but almost. The pin determines the initial opening and lets us ‘stop down’ the jaws to a better fit. The quicker the cutting edge touches the nail, the more power you have to deliver. Please respond and let me know you got this before I send the lever. Also, your 60 day warrantee resets with this email so we have plenty of time to make these work. Also, surely not all of your nails are problematic. On thinner nails they should provide better results.
Just let me know and I’ll get you a high pressure lever in the mail asap.
Thank you for working with us to solve your problem.
——————————————————————————-Mar 4, 2014
It’s a very large gap – 2/16th inch wide when in cutting mode. sounds like that’s the issue…
——————————————————————————-Mar 5, 2014
I’ve sent you 3 pins, each giving you a different spread between the jaws. Also a high pressure lever. You’ll notice that the gap can be reduced as much as 50% depending on your choice of pins. If you need more reduction I have pins for that too. So mix and match. If you’re happy I’d appreciate you returning the parts you don’t want. The 100% refund still applies if you’re still not happy.
——————————————————————————-Mar 9, 2014
All set, works great. I didn’t need the high pressure lever – the issue was the original pin was cut too deep. I’ve put the unneeded parts back in the envelope, and separated out the original pin from the new parts.
Thanks again for standing behind your product.
Best wishes,
————————————————————————————Mar 10, 2014
My grandfather said he likes them. He cut his toenails, not to where they need to be but at least to the point they don’t curl anymore.
Your clippers cut very well and I am able to use them when my thunbs have a good day. I like the rounded cutting edge and the offset cut. I will be looking forward to what you come up with in the future.
I just purchased my second PE clipper.
WOW. There’s lots of thought and detail in every step! And your shop is so CLEAN!!! I’ll keep an eye on the mail box and let you know when they arrive. Again, thank YOU very much for going above and beyond 😉
These Patriot Edge Clippers are great! I received mine on December 26, 2012 and and I knew I would enjoy these clippers the moment I held them in my hand. The have a good solid feel to them with a heft that isn’t heavy. The Patriot Edge Clippers have a quality that the cheap overseas clippers can’t match. I threw all my old ones out (All of them) once I used the Patriot Edge Clippers.
Other than having to change the way I hold the clippers to use them comfortably there isn’t much to say that isn’t self explainatory on how to use a set of nail clippers. I used to use fingernail clippers with two fingers, my thumb and the second knuckle of index finger. With the Patriot Edge ClippersI use an overhand grip for my fingernails. Hand curled over the top with my fingers at the bottom of the clippers and my ring finger at the end of the bottom portion of the clippers. Be willing to adapt your grip to find what’s comfortable for you and you will really enjoy these clippers.
Because the jaws are offset you have to intentionally try to pinch yourself with them. One of my toes has a portion of skin that I continually pinched with the old clippers. I have yet to pinch myself at that toe since I started using the Patriot Edge Clippers.
I used to have to buy one to three pairs of nail clippers every year due to the cheap quality of them. I had a small nail clipper for my fingernails and the bigger clippers for my toenails./ Not anymore. I only need the one set of Patriot Edge Clippers now. In the long run the Patriot Edge Clippers are a great investment because I have a very good feeling the Patriot Edge Clippers will be my last purchase for a set of nail clippers. I keep them on me all the time with my everyday carry items.
If I have any problems with them I can send them back for repair or replacement because of the Lifetime Warrantee. What’s even better is they are Made in The USA by an American Patriot! Thank you for your service Willie!